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Birds fly in the sky they spread they’re wings and soar high u can’t brake a birds wings and expect them to survive so stop braking my wings and understand that I need to fly. I need to stay true to myself and be who I am and who I wanna be. Don’t tell me no or you can’t. From now on I’m taking back control of my life I won’t give up without a fight. So understand I’m a mother fucking bird and I am going to fly…

To My Love
© Misty A. Roff
My memories of you
are like the sweetest smile
in the midst of ones deepest depression.
like golden laughter
ringing out on my worst possible day.
Being near you
is as familiar and warm
as a steaming cup of cocoa
after a tiresome day of play in the blustery snow.
You are the raging fireplace of my heart.
Your arms embrace,
the ones I yearn for every moment
of everyday and every night.
All I need to see me through
whatever may block my path.
You are Love.
The light of my life.
Happy Valentines day
from the depths of my soul.
love your woman
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